We had a new player: Julian Wyman. The first hand was a full house. The last hand was four eights. The low winning hand, AKT65, had a bobtail straight showing: 3456. When I totalled the cash out I was $1.25 short of the buy in. I'm guessing I owe KAG $1.00 and KMK $.25. I think we're near Buda at KG's next month. Hopefully next month I can start to track type of winning hand and type of losing hand.

Rules Changes:
If you are in on the seventh card, and are not in alone, you must show your cards.
If one of a player's initial holecards is exposed, he shall use it for his upcard and receive his third card facedown as his holecard.
If two of a player's initial cards are exposed, the dealer re-deals, but the dealer is out of the hand.
If the final card dealt to a player is exposed, the following rules apply: (a) The dealer is out of the hand unless it was only his card exposed. (b) A faceup final card is always treated as if it is a downcard in determining who initiates the betting action on the final round. (c) If the first player (not all-in) received his card faceup, all the other players receive their cards faceup, and the action proceeds as normal with respect to bets and raises. (d) If a player other than the first player is dealt an exposed card, the remaining cards should be dealt facedown. The player with the exposed card has the option of declaring himself all-in before the betting round begins. (e) An all-in player should receive his final card facedown. However, if it is exposed, he must take it. The remaining players still receive their final cards facedown.

START: 08:10
STOP: 11:30

Draw Player Buy In Cash Out High Hand Low Hand Net
K KMK 10.00 24.90 7.00 21.90
T KAG 10.00 9.80 1.00 0.80
9 RDZ 10.00 2.90 -7.10
6 CHF 15.00 8.35 -6.65
4 JW 16.25 0 -16.25
3 JSC 10.00 18.90 8.90
2 JJM 10.00 2.40 -7.60

High Hand - $1 Won / $43 Carries
Player Hand
CHF 55577
KMK 99966
KG 8888A

Low Hand - $R
Player Hand
CHF 55577

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