representative government opinion of extending/or not the Bush tax cuts

Why aren't we asking, how can our government officials know the message of the electorate, when so few opinions are being voiced and debated by our politicians and media?

Technology and innovation should allow for new representative voice and voting mechanisms. I propose we allow registered citizens to designate any other acceptable registered citizen to act as their representative in conversations(motions) and/or register support for motions with personal vote or designated representative for every motion made by any registered citizen, always defaulting to the traditional elected official (structure) when not designating preference. Every vote at every governmental level can hold the same total weight of 1 vote by that official, but that one vote is split by the yeas and nays, with the official being able to cast his/her vote either wholly for split representing those not casting personal votes nor their designated representative casting their vote. As importantly as representative voting, getting motions to the floor (in the conversation) should be allowed by people across districts and simply rated as highest priority set by the number of registered supporters (and date/time at time while one motion meets then passes or falls behind in numbers of supporters). I'd really like to see a motion, such as Geraldo proposed weeks ago and many politicians agree, .raising the tax on the income over $1M 10% to 39.6% is fine with this voter.. Personally, I have a problem with the U.S. tax laws allowing for dynasties over too many generations, and therefore would even support another 10% increase to 43.56% for income over $10M, and another 10% on income over $100M. Our representative form of government was formed with great consideration for technology and transportation of the time. Can the people get a reformed representative government utilizing the technology of this time, the internet age, to get the decisions closer to the people? Maybe I.m just an idealist.

Much of this has been in my head for months/years, just never taken the time to type it before (and should probably have taken time to proof and vet it). I know there are a great/huge number of details not presented in this communication, but got chores to get to.

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